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About Mishele

Hi! If you are reading this, before we go any further, I just want to say thank you! Thank you for your interest, thank you for coming to my blog page, thank you for reading lol! I am so excited to start on this blog journey, and the fact that you are here with me, I could not be any more appreciative.

It is nice to finally tap into my creative side and write about my travels + lifestyle and anything related that falls in between. I really wanted to share my travels + lifestyle for a long time through vlogging but I could never bring myself to start, I just did not feel it was authentically me to be in front of the camera that often. I actually just prefer being behind the camera. So with two degrees, I have spent a lot of time in school reading and writing papers lol! Which is why I think that the blog space was more for me, those days have definitely helped me to sharpen my writing skills over the years. This is also why I appreciate you so much because in a world of IG reels and Tiktoks videos (which I also have and enjoy), you enjoy reading as much as I do, so I cannot thank you enough for being here. As I write this, I think about you the reader and your experience and I assume everyone will be reading my words in my voice or the way I intend it to be delivered lol, but for those who do not know me and/or my voice that may be difficult lol. I hope that my words can take you on this journey with me and allow you to fully feel a part of this ride and/or provide any help/tips you are interested in. I hope that I can provide a space that helps me to share and inspire and a place for you to enjoy. So with that, let’s get started with the first step, getting to know me.

My name is Mishele, it is pronounced the traditional way of “Michelle” just spelt differently and I love to travel, like a lot. It makes sense why I would name my company and blog ‘The Travel Cay’. “Key” and “cay” are just different spellings of the same 17th-century word for a small, low island, especially in the Caribbean or off the coast of Florida. “Key” is more common in Florida and “cay” in the Caribbean. I was born and raised in the Caribbean so this name was very fitting for me.

I think my curiosity for travel started after I moved from Jamaica to Canada as a preteen. Growing up, especially in Jamaica, I was very fortunate to have travelled often to the United States alternating between Florida and New York. So after moving to Canada, leaving the only life I had ever known to one that was drastically different, I gained a huge curiosity about the world. I really just wanted to experience different places and understand how different people live. So when I travel, I travel to learn and understand the world and explore cultures and of course have a good time. By the time I was a teenager, my parents allowed me to travel independently of them with my older brother, and before I was the legal age, I started traveling by myself and this quickly led me to working in the travel industry as soon as I graduated high school. With over 14 years of experience working in the travel industry, I am now a qualified Independent Travel Agent and can’t wait to share all the new adventures with you. I also love photography, so I am always capturing eye-catching images as I travel which you will see on my Instagram and Tiktok pages. My other interests include reading and beauty and fashion so I hope to incorporate all the things that I love in this space. So for now, lets get started!

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